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Appalachian Trance Metal


Inspired by the Fugates of Troublesome Creek, Smurfs, and colloidal silver overuse, I am on a lifelong mission to turn a sizeable swatch of my skin blue. Blue is the color of the sky, water, the throat chakra, and is also known as the color of desperation.

Appalachian Trance Metal is my mind, body, and soul.

It’s imperfect memory.

It’s ghost harmonics: the essential character of the Appalachian mountains, filtered through particular life experience.

It’s Trance unforgetting.

It’s Metal precision.

Thank you for listening.





Weds. August 23rd w/ Crazy Hoarse

Go Bar, Athens GA

Weds. August 30th w/ Sahada Buckley & Monique Osorio

Go Bar, Athens GA

Thurs. September 21st solo (on the bill w/ NYC cellist Daniel Levin & Athens dancer laura St. Martin)

Trio Athens, Athens GA

Weds. September 27th solo

Go Bar, Athens GA




by Killick & Co.

Here is a tiny taste of some sounds I've made with the help of many wildly brilliant friends. All of these and much more can be found at my Bandcamp. Enjoy!



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This H'arpeggione performance on WUOG was fun:

Thanks to Chris Lott for putting this wonderful evening together: