but we need lights

it was not Celebrate The Home Depot day on our wedding day

for us that is, asterisk, although the concept looked for folding chairs (available at The Home Depot) hastily after ruling out standing through the ceremony

(about that asterisk: the revelry hadn't stopped for just about everyone else)

(and it never really stopped for us: as we determined to repeat after me, some not insignificant semiconscious internal but shared dialogue rolled unabated through the interior rooms of our to-be-betrothed heads)

(and bodies!, bodies which had until that moment found ourselves in a soft skirmish, pushback to what we found distasteful)

and really, couldn't we have one day where we set aside practicality, bulwarking, and unwanted attachment?

this is said from a room, a room (made possible) in (part through) The Home Depot

and the stay only lasted a day, not even, since the idea was our created environment had two options for this entered sacred union; pledge allegiance to The Home Depot or, since we are not cruel here and since we want this to be a successful and happy commitment, Lowe's

this dynamic penetrates the core of cohabitation but happily can be forgotten for longer and longer stretches as new newlyweds enter the compact, as capital expands to include everyone and little by little forgets through attrition

but we need lights

why such a conflicted stance so early on

there's time to remedy our antipathy, misplaced somewhere here in this made world

and this just faintly (cash) registers as a (solveable with can-do) problem

you always loved my elbow grease so we'll go with it