what to dance

This is a beat; I call it the neaten-straighten. It's just over the hill: (adulterated in commercialized form as indicated by capitalization) meet me at the Neaten-Straighten for tapas/for convo/for what-have-yous, forgo-me-nauts. Where? The Neaten-Straighten, the Neaten-Straighten! I can find it, if it hasn't shifted. O, gal sir, O, guy madam, maybe it has shifted apace. The duration within the neaten-straighten has surely contracted and expanded gelatinously in the span of our interchange. It's the foundation of our rhythmic selves...embryonic memories endure...yet our stiffening attention to its least flexible iteration calls into question our innate novel reserves. But only calls into question: doesn't indict, doesn't predispose, doesn't foretell metronomic monotony. When the floor of the meaning of these words drops away and, hair raised, legs a-dangle, we dance the neaten-straighten (no caps), the sound of language itself provides a simple guide towards flexibility in all reckonings. neaten (breath) - (breath) straighten , or let coil a touch (breath)