Messy Ann's bird songs

I just love Messy Ann's bird songs. They're all like, "chirp chirp chirp, covered in rubbish." Gentle as a lynx. Tron like a loi(o)n in Cyclon(e). Sometimes I'll say Anners, who does your transcription? 'cause and you know what I mean, there's so much animation to the translation.

Such a big deal that no one had ever considered the natural world (bird whirl/world) in that most rigid of systems, staccatolocation, separate but equal tempermentadent. Bogs of ice had more adaptability than translucenceliac dis.

I'm in that. There's words that. But the birds, the birds can. What are the larger feeding troughs. It's times out there. Whish whish (I feel a transspeciesliteration coming on, come on!) whish whish. Tell me more, but in your words, which contain chords but aren't called that.