Flagpole says

FREE YOUR MIND: Experimental compositional group Thunder O(h)m! released its newest set of recordings last week. Swerve Inversion is a collaborative project between the core group (Killick Hinds, Brad Bassler, John Norris and Jamie Thomas) with vocalist and poet Life the Griot. If you’re not immediately familiar with Life’s music, you might know him from his fantastic program Chess and Community (chessandcommunity.org); most of the lyrical content here reflects the ills that program seeks to address, clarify and correct. Killick notes that this collaboration was born out of both his and Life’s “inward journey through meditation.” It’s a powerfully effective record that feels improvisational yet deeply deliberate and considered. It’s movingly personal yet universally thought-provoking for anyone who doesn’t have a heart of ice. Listen closely at killick.bandcamp.com.

-Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine, Threats & Promises, 5.4.16