your retelling

Lake Champlain (you've never been, ergo complain) in sepia toned fluctuations there exceeds a hovering lift / let's say a 14x18 portico crammed, exposed-rafter-to-acid-washed-cement-subfloor / surprise shrub for my bubs, bins, buns, and more / thatt thing durn hovered, dun't it?

so close without overlap, so choice with vertical flap, neatly tailored swatches placed at eye level and impulse pricing / my jetties gone long through klutzy kiss of the panoramic freebies / fabricated loft fly-by desiccated joshing / gregarious nightingale blundered bluebird assumed possum played by knight in quilted finery

new South wails hunker hankering hand-me-downs at the pile of lore / so touchable and baggable good finds to (de-i-) fine / because wises' wishes wizened whys willeye otherwise be true, be open, be honest / this is home / deep ported, comported, great horned (coming up with a rejoinder minutes later reported) fabulously glamorously retorted (not x not y not x not y not x not)