In the margins is the center

Fleeting moments on albums as disparate as Mötley Crüe's Too Fast for Love (passionately xenharmonic vocalizing), Phish's Junta (a "wrong" note or two during the guitar solos, the result, perhaps, of a misgrab) George Winston's Winter (Pachelbel's Canon clunker, an anarchic laser spray across the mannered program), and Slayer's Reign In Blood (a magical acceleration on the other side of an audible tape slice), taught several things. An appreciation for the presumably unintended, left as it were in good enough! resignation, anticipation for collapsing of old (we hadn't noticed they were old) buildings, and a human touch left undisturbed for posterity (and they couldn't have known this when recording) and fame, the kind of fame that brings microscopic scrutiny to milliseconds within otherwise unremarkable, exemplary, or supremely accomplished achievement.

But most of all, it stamped a passport for the heart of the matter. Without consciously delineating it as such, I did and do gravitate disproportionately to these whoa! events and have striven to make the better part of my performance, of my recordings, of my practice, of my contemplation referenceless, something I'm admitting for the first time. This is a powerful admission. My actions and discipline were formulated in a world of physiological, social, and emotional parameters, yet my heart and soul want nothing more or less than a music existing on its own merit, approached as it is by kind seekers through their own interpretations, hopefully with enough slack in the tether (theirs and mine) to encourage healthy exploration.

I've imagined music that is unlike any music ever made, or how an intergalactic visitor would filter our audible transmissions, or a music based on the letters of the alphabet (of any language) instead of the codified and weighted/weighty system(s) we call theory. And maybe that's it, out of the laboratory of theory and into the hands of field broadcast. All and/or none are waiting for the next sensing organs to give life to the vibrations to be.