How to play guitar, 4

The pollen coats the ground and the glass and coats the nose and the lungs. It's only an irritant temporarily (even if it can feel forever) and there's tremendous gain for it. A ready analogue occurs in the gathering speed phase each and every occasion the guitar is picked up for play. Doubts, databank retrieval, shaking off disuse, was that buzz always there?, creak, gulp, only ne'er-do-wells are musicians, I should practice more, Facebook takes up too much time, it's like I've never seen this thing before, bass would be easier, I need a new guitar, I'm gonna spend more time writing, why is so and so so popular?

Surface noise all. Persist...stick with it and to it! One minute in: better. Two minutes: even betterer. Ten minutes: betterest. The situation improves as conscious effort gives way to unself-consciousness. Let the fingers lead. No thinking. No problem.