Spring at C

Yes, it struck me as would a wave, a musical soundscape consisting of impressionistic impressionistics regarding the sea should be fabricated, such is the jarring loose of meaning when taking an altogether different tack (horizontal) miles and (vertical) mile from aqua firma. Linear narratives serve this concept bracket well, so, in a nod to the quarterly division of a calendar year (which has informed songs, fashion choices, and hotels for so long now), the organizational strategy is quite simple. Spring begins, a contemplation of what was left behind and what is in bloom. Don't worry about the Greatost in Greatost Hits any more than Helly Hansen xeself would about Hanson, which might be tons. Summer is mosquito-free, as long as the breeze agrees; no guarantee, but refreshing it shall be. Fall or Autumn carries a hint of cool, a pinch of warm, a swirl of calm within a storm. Ice is nice, winter has eyes to C, color of the water white and blue shall be; button up, batten down, go windward or turn around.