infinite expansion

The gestures a guitar can make can be boisterously grand, or exponentially nuanced. The cultural shift to loud, loud, loud obfuscates these nuanced tiny gestures, which, when coaxed from sonic slumber to ding light up ear-detectable levels cause a perceptual shift in attention, atmosphere, and emotional state. They are powerful precisely because they are delicate, elusive, and very short-lived. Welcoming these just-above-silence-but-still-tethered-to-something-below-the-surface-of-musical-information wisps is the basis for anything I do in the amplified region. My "tone"/my "signature"/my "identity" is as it is because of the microscopic excursions I make before going to scale. Shaping fullness out of near-nothingness is a helpful carrier for the heavy lifting (and attendant burdenful responsibility) of shouting from the rooftops.