try a guitar

Will I get sex/food/money/praise/friendship from playing guitar? If you live long enough, it is highly likely you will, in general, get all of these, and much more, in varying proportions, of course. It will be impossible to tease out whether these come from your guitar playing, but issues of correlation and causation will ideally neither deter nor trouble you.

The guitar goes deep. Deep into physics, culture, spirit, commerce, esteem, identity, amusement, tactile completeness, habit energy, and tenacity: the tenacity (rewired) required to introduce yourself anew to the guitar each and every time you pick it up and strum; the guitar will reciprocate in proportion as its interior life projected outward is much like yours. This is the nature of the relationship for as long as you live and play.

It's an obsolete instrument, too, too time-consuming, incompatible with today's technological distractions and the promise of instant, endless entertainment.