limitations and exceeding them

Typing a blog entry and articulating notes on a stringed instrument work in the same manner. Yet one is necessarily bound to the connotative properties of words in sequence, of letters in sequence, if the result of typing a blog is going to find a receptive audience. There are cultural expectations for music making as well, although going off page is not the same barrier to connecting as it would be in written word-language. Yet there must be an openness to new experience for musically uncharted information to resonate sonorously with a listener; nearly every musical convention now fully accepted by fans and casual listeners alike was once heretical and shocking. Listen to a car commercial, or a breakfast cereal commercial, or any commercial application of sound for tailored effect (spend your money with us and have an awesomer life!) to witness how far we've come in embracing the "strange" and "unfamiliar" least vis-a-vis capitalist concerns. Which is perhaps why certain forms of musical communication (I'm thinking of the long arc of idiosyncratic sonic vocabulary I've developed, but this pathway is by no means only mine) still have the capacity to confuse or, in a more positive light, challenge or edify. They simply resist easy commodification, by virtue of the importance of continual renewal and reexamination. Even recorded works give an incomplete picture, since, in my artistic reckoning, they reflect a moment in time not to be, and thankfully impossible to be, repeated (as compared to most forms of music and the modern day expectation that the concert performance will reproduce as best as possible the canonized recorded version). Therefore "the market" has no use, and there's no wider top-down reinforcement that the sounds are okay, safe to return to the pool. I used to feel the work I was doing was creating (in a very small way) "tomorrow's mainstream," though I don't really have an attachment to a position on that now. Actually, I'd rather some forms resist assimilation, if only for the value of discovery by some future intrepid seeker of uncageable, and very human, exchange. It's that spark of discovery that might lead to something even better and more penetrating to the roots of our collective endeavor.