not insurmountable technical challenge

I would like to create a New Yorker (-style, or the genuine article) cartoon as such: a sad, emo waiter displays the bottle to a dining couple and says, "Here's your whine."

There aren't enough diacritical marks in written English to convey how this utterance might sound. Only context generates the humorous intent and the possibility to imagine theatrically exaggerated tone and enunciation. It's a New Yorker cartoon, so moderate frivolity is the order, but the specific hook is a thin premise, requiring passing familiarity with emo culture/stereotypes, instant awareness of a homophone, and a knowing assessment of the absurdity of a waiter under any circumstance stating "here's your wine"...

A live acted skit could work, but I suspect it would be less funny than the printed take.

The bigger question is, of what import is this? And what is this?