a note on non sequitur notions

My hometown is called Hasbrouck Heights, formerly Corona, and officially a borough. The football team, the Aviators, don't have a mascot per se, rather a cartoon airplane: perhaps due to the neighboring borough Teterboro, essentially a tiny airport with a handful of residents. Despite the idiosyncratic claim, little effort towards anthropomorphising the plane was paid. (keep some distance) Heights colors are Halloween-ready orange and black. The motto was "Yagottawanna"...Chicken Delight was popular for pizza and Famiglia's was pronounced Fam-ig-lee-uhs...celebrities from Hasbrouck Heights say they are from Hackensack, contiguous yet distinct. Such things are said to protect. And then one has to explain where Hackensack is. A just inquiry. Frank, you know which Frank, lived in Hasbrouck Heights for 7 some odd years. Me, about 14, 15, yeah.