elementarian aria

sea oat pro-viscera

nibble nibble nimble quarry

renunciate interparty

the smoothie kin(g) reigns supreme


am I the Sylvia Plath of me?

Sylvia Plath of least resistance

PATH train bio precognizance

Pirates of Penzance

Penzoil, tell me where are the pens?

lubricator slurp the dance


venous insufficiency suffused, concentrate!

suppose it's like woo woo

as your vanishing paint

in-in-inspect expect calligraph

figure eight on a bite

the way that we aught

narrate and navigate

tandem magistrate

lick the bowl

concomitant errata

bucolic-sameness shatter

homeopathy batter

lick the bowl

with particular attention to

no particular goal


tintinnabulation sets forth

resurrected groove-cypher ectomorph

sigh impenetrable bur

rather we suspect one heifer

cast in the meadow

unsayable tallow

inhabiting far(ro) row(ing) Man(to)lo(king)