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the start of a new era

I can't say enough about how supportive Robb Holmes has been over the years. Athens is very lucky to have had It's Friday! run as long as it did, navigating with relative ease huge changes in technology and attitudinal shifts towards how, when, and why we listen to music. Robb's well-deserved retirement opens the door to something yet to be announced, but hopefully a continuation of the celebration of sonic artists doing their thing.

part 1

Whew, what an upload! And here is offered his finest Steve Tibbetts homage.

RAM No. 11

When I was in elementary school, I self-published RAM magazine, focusing on my love of video games and electronic gizmos. So much of what I know about organizing thoughts, ideas, and feelings comes from the experience of putting pen and typewriter to paper during my tenure as editor-in-chief of the not-quite-glossy. Years down the road, I used this time as inspiration for an abstracted journey to the center of a very specific aesthetic universe. With several amazing musicians on board (Matt Bauder, Mary Halvorson, Matt Weston), the resulting music flipped over some old rocks and cataloged new ones. This recording was one of two performances (the other in Philly but not recorded, to the best of my knowledge), and offers a window into a time (November 2007) where I was just about to break through many disparate conceptual barriers. The music is divided into 9 parts:

1: Nascents Rise
2: Disc Off
3: Kiss On
4: Springy Fields
5: Sigh O Night
6: Circle of Thai Rants
7: Glass Rawk
8: Long ing
9: All Tore Up!

I'm so glad Scott Friedlander captured this recording. Please enjoy. Thanks for listening.

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