Pjurple (for Jimi)

Miguel Copón of the fantastic Prepared Guitar blog graciously asked me to create a piece in honor of Jimi Hendrix (for the celebration of his birthday on November 27th). Here's my riff on Jimi's riffs...enjoy!

there's no money above the fifth fretless

No guitars on this one. :-)

fantastic joyage

It was a surprise revelation to uncover a 10 year old studio recording of the trio called Precipice. What would our second performance be like? Best not to think about it too much and just go for it. A plan to tour radio stations led to what is now our second session as a group. I've known Colin and Blake for almost 20 years, and am deeply appreciative to have them as fellow musicians and friends. There's a lot more territory to explore at the edge of so many factors...at...the Precipice!

Beautifully put

Pahtoopie-toopie-toopie-toopie thoop-thoop-thoop hawheehehwhohaw inyah squeeeak rowf uh heeeeh clop clop clop clop whooge whooge weeoo toop toop toop toop toop.

Melon slack for universal growth

And this is not done as a sign of insincerity

Sort of Dame Oakley's Pole Position paper people Future Pond

Yot-dot-dot dot dot dot dot dot dot

And it's certainly no admission of capitulation

Surly bond girls

Tales you win


Unsimulated sects

Hacking any lexicon (oneupulous)

Expressive capacity X panned

Melon slack

Remand contra(ry)band

Golden Turkey 'chute, Lessononics

Call, before, you dig?

Atonallergy Chef Boul-Ar-Dii Put another lime in the juice box baby

Owing our best selves a workover Worthing ebbed cells bunchalord rowings

Huddled for coolth In it for the long runny cheesemaker Anticoagulant pharmaceuticauliflower Discount rack : give yours melon slack Give y'alls melon slack ether oar The hauls stack primogeniture Answer with conviction, poise, and look to flourish the few chore

Laissez-faire glutenism

Gluten dreams Rye humor Spelt wrong Einkorn dreams Gliadin and an apple