Cesspooly clean, Piedmonty Hall

What the why the heck is Sizzlean I cannot heed that call

O blessed day, Steve's Sizzling Steaks

Effervescent Big Mouth enter Hall of Greats

Halls of medicine, rice-ipes

Schlimp motility, 'xch'ng'n' securities

Move over Black Francis Bacon/Mars Rover/Keaton, Buster/Sally Struthers

Sure, we all do! Smith Bros. cough drops

Would you like another?

un but re for

Unaliased unallided unsynchronous untempered


Resplendent resolved reminded reconfigured

For the better

3 miles to Secaucus!

Ludacris Speed(o)

Jadakiss Greed(o)

Are you folksy enough to caucus?

Are you folksy enough to caucus?

I'm not asking

Play it again, Samhain

3 miles to Secaucus!

3 miles to Secaucus!

Temporal displacement 16

Albatross miranda W

Summarized in stanza pre-X

it wouldn't be long

Swollen uncles

Scant control like Toobin'

Couture bites vegan Reuben

Soupçon prey Groupon Kraft Cuban

Martyr clays immaculate glaze Capt. Merrill Stubing

Inoculate penultimate exuberant

Smells of dust, mold, and ruminant

Hole in wall unemptied fumigant

Cry a can hiding mirrored movement

Cold washtub electrochess tournament

Soon enough experiential procurement

that's thats

Eel and mollusk

Elon Musk

Gravitational disarray

Jackson Pollack

Can't quite decide on Tusq

You make me feel like Ted Danson

Gunwales dance the night a-weighty

Freighty cats harbor gnats

Liberator file shorts

Inspire that's thats

are you third kind?

Large Hadron Coolatta Paranoia will destroy ya but diamonds are a girl's best friend (semi-my-precious stones) $300 a pop for allegedly healing tones Yearn to earn your bones Sha-la-la-la-la-la-yeah Mr. Jones Put your mind at ease nephew and Sha-na-na-na-na-na niece, niece Formica your counters 'tallic' downtowners Cleanliness is next to Godflesh in Close Encounters Jackie O oh What I want know is are you third kind?