the results are in

I did it; I had the honor of playing the Slingshot Festival, run by the tireless efforts of my good friend Kai Riedl...something which has already infused new energy into the Athens art, tech, and culture community, especially by shining our light worldwide as the outside gets closer every day.

My set was a solo with the New Complexity Harmonic Isolator, the Wes Lambe Vo-96 acoustic guitar synthesizer, and the Rick Toone Walrus. It was in Flicker Theater, a listening room I first played 15 years ago or more. Lots of memories amidst the owl themed* brick hall, and a dapper photo of our late friend/personality+ Craig Lieske gently reminding, in view only of the performers, "don't fuck up."

My eyes are closed or focused on nothing in particular for much of a performance, but I felt the support of friends and family old and new in this Athens that many times seems as fresh and full of possibility as it did when I arrived in 1995. Where has the time gone? Into a notion of home.

Tonight and tomorrow I'll attend more Slingshot events, thankful for that subtle turn of perspective prefacing inquiry towards another round, slightly fuller.

*I donated a porcelain owl lamp mine through an informal abandoned property clause to Flicker, but it seems to not have survived the current era. It was a good lamp.

If I could save time in a battle

The first thing that I'd like to decommission would be hostility. Give it the day off (and perhaps it would find it takes too much energy to sustain in the absence of momentum). So a pause button yielding dividends; a giving tree of old enemies/new friends. Chill and repeat.

sunday's hint of blue skies

I once took a wonderful course on African rhythms and heard an archival tape the likes of which I hadn't heard before and haven't since. So many simultaneous meters, tempos, syncopations, one-off events, shifts, and colors. A significant something. One of my background pursuits has been the pursuit of this background.

How to play guitar, part 3

So maybe the search parameter is not something you bring unto yourself, rather the search parameter happens outside of you. Stuff is brought; investigated; the isolate accepted or rejected or placed behind use in case of fire glass. All this builds to something aesthetically cohesive (possibly) when you're young or old or neither. Having it arrive too soon means a quick burn and requires an escape plan. Having it arrive too late is preferable, because the view will be that much more vast. The Goldilocks arrival is rare. Just eat the porridge whatever the temperature/play the guitar whatever the formative factors, as if no one is hungry/listening.

sunny day Alpaca miniatures

There was a moment at which crossing over was inevitable. The inevitable bubble burst. It's much harder this way. It's much better this way. Bubbles!-2-3-4 Bubbles!

Once settled, a visit

Interior visual information: wolf, breathing, prone, facing away. Shot pulls back glissfully/gracefully as hair obscures to moss and bark, the larger picture forest on an island, infinitely small in relief.