outer banksnots

outer banksnots

loogie hock


hawk sky sinusoidal dry

fully exempt foam spray

at tempt productive display

inner vibrational Clarit(r)inity

f-stop, sneeze, wholly mucosa

stop print breath lugubrious, suh

in no time will be cheerious

lung capacitor hurrah

without form

Yelp from the grave

best restaurant I've ever ate (at) (have)

tip (of the hat) 23%+/-

heed my advice

food to die for (for which to die)

sandwich and fries

soup and apple pie

please let it foment in your imagination

as I'm currently without form

it's gustatorial investigation

the body of knowledge is still warm


penultimate penfrisbee

your need is help-ed, re: fricassee

leak on a fraîche

gubber rashers

deglycyrrhizinated cut and paste

vent vent let

licker ish

rink seismic

geration lip

rockledge portend

sticker prehend

circumvent vent

invent vent

inlet let

to make commercial fare

are you the


fly on the


wall hearing this internal dialogue?

part of me is ready

to play by the rules

to make commercial fare

(ask my doctor about side effects

if I’m to take it there)

at this time at this time

clouds in my coffee

actual clouds in my coffee




not metaphors nor stand-ins for feelings

wispy threads of weather-making activity

higher or lower in the sky

the sky being located in my coffee

at this time

at this time

I don’t drink coffee