'cause 'f

EPIRB ul-rain

dear of theft

MRE breather

in matter in bereft

in matter in bereft

balloons of fun

portable sun

decanter in-chanter

plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief pitcher

'cause 'f minuscule amphitheater


stare well

tull my poes

tough my pose

digital nativity

tut-tut enclose

ulterior coze


I get so promotional baby

sleeper cardigan

zipper heartening

mellifluent harkening

message in a rebuttal

whittled peas

Eureka!, Archimedes 

of erosion

marsh language

pioneering pigeons

lioneering smidgeons

mange of erosion

stars in the sky

marquet of the languageplace

variegated temporalspace

only stars in the sky

sweep site-specific efface

the mythology of rise

hampers envelopment

of a(n) (un)certain bent


change the fape of my shace

artisanal hummingbird nectar

value-added muddled addled

fill the hole in the ace

do not use your time here to hector

injunction bedeviled demi-waddle


peak mojo

convening ut-oh

for example

Vin Diesel rhymes with both

Indecent and Proposal

attach your good name

fortune sex flame